The LALBHAI GROUP, founded in Ahmedabad in the State of Gujarat, is involved in diversified activities. The group has manufacturing facilities to produce textiles, chemicals, dyes and intermediates, pharmaceuticals, electronics, engineering, real estate and a finance company.

Denim giant ARVIND LIMITED is the flagship company of the group. Arvind Limited is Asia’s largest and world’s third largest denim producer.

The group has joined hands with many Fortune 500 companies.  To name a few - American Cyanamid Co., USA, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., UK, CIBA, Switzerland, Arrow (Cluett Peabody) USA and Lee (VF Corporation) USA. 

The group has an enviable reputation for reliable, quality products - whether they are in textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or engineering industries.

The group's turn-over exceeds US$.1.2 billion (Indian Rs.54,000 million) and with the addition in new collaborations and joint ventures, the growth of the group is expected to be quite high.